Bow Paintball – How We Describe Archery Attack

We often get asked “What’s the best way to describe Archery Attack?”. We’ll how does bow paintball sound? Literally paintball, but with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Archery Attack is truly an awesome experience that takes the idea of games like paintball into a whole new dimension.

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A team running into battle

Bow Paintball

Now bow paintball might be a novel way of describing Archery Attack, but we certainly take some of the elements of paintball that make it fun. We just make it better! With state-of-the-art bows and safe but powerful arrows, you’ll be having an awesome time shooting your friend, workmates, or whoever is in your way! We can take a great variety of different groups, ranging from buck’s parties and work functions, to kid’s birthday parties and sporting break ups. Whatever the numbers or skill level, we can make ‘bow paintball’ work for you.

Archery Attack has a large range of games we put our groups into as well. It isn’t just shooting at each other back and forth. Archery Attack sessions play numerous different games, and each session is unique in its own right. Some sessions will see players go head to head in team death match, or maybe they’ll get the running game going with capture the flag. We even have some more interesting games such as traitor or infection. Traitor has a secret third team working in the shadows to bring the main teams down. Infection has players swap sides when they get hit by an arrow, keeping the teams constantly changing. Last team standing wins!

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So if ‘bow paintball’ sounds great for you, then come and give Archery Attack a go. Experience the awesome fun and action of an Archery Attack session, and see what all the fuse is about. Book online now, and check out Facebook and Instagram for some great pictures and videos of Archery Attack in action!

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