You can play Archery Attack at your local park, gym, oval, home or work venue (indoors and outdoors) to name a few potential locations. For a 10 bow event we need a nice green patch of grass about 10×20 metres (that’s about the size of a tennis court) and for a 20 bow event about 20×30 metres.

We have a variety of bows available for use, they can physically be lighter or vary in strength, we have had children as young as 4 use our bows right through to adults of any age.

Generally speaking, we find ages 8 and above will find it easier to be involved with coordinated arrow tag activities; however, younger siblings can get involved with parental assistance. Given we have a range of bows, we recommend notifying our operators of the expected age range participating and we will ensure to provide the appropriate equipment.

There aren’t many weather conditions that will stop a game or Archery Attack so be dressed appropriately. We recommend closed trainers to protect your toes. If it rains a light weatherproof jacket or alternatively a change of clothes and a towel. When the sun is shining you get pretty hot so suncream is essential.

We are happy to play in all conditions; however, we do respect our customers best interests, if you wish to cancel your event due to unforeseen weather we will happily refund, no deposit will be held.

Absolutely! We can do a combination booking matched to your requirements.

We have a mix of mobile operators and fixed warehouse locations. Our mobile operators are a mobile service and come to you. You can find the warehouse address on it’s page. 

Not at all, we use the same bows for left or right handed players and you get a chance to get used to the equipment with some (non-human!) target practice at the start of every session.

Most definitely, we are currently hosting recurring activities at hundreds of schools, our equipment varies in strength depending on the age group, our arrows have successfully been tested to be safe for operation without face masks; however, as an added precaution face masks are required.

You can make payment using bank transfer (details on our invoices), by Mastercard and Visa or of course good ol’ cash.

For private events and parties, a minimum of 10 bows must be paid for.

If you are visiting one of our warehouse locations there is no minimum!

Each location occasionally holds events where you don’t need a group of 10. Head to the Facebook page of your closest location and subscribe to upcoming events to stay informed of the next event. Alternatively get down to one of our warehouse locations.

All our equipment is custom designed to work safely together. Therefore, only Archery Attack equipment can be used.