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Back to School

The time of year is coming around once again. Australia day is tomorrow, and the kids going back to school is right around the corner. The year is already moving fast!
Well now is the time to make the most of the remaining school holidays and book an Archery Attack session, or get a session booked for the weekend once school is back and kicking. Even better, we can do a session at your school, and for your school.

Archery Attack is the perfect experience for kids of nearly all ages. It’s great for before the kids go back to school, or any other time of the year. Anytime of year, kids will love Archery Attack.
With our speciality bows and foam-tipped arrows, kids will love getting to run around and play new and exciting games.  Most of all, they’ll really love shooting their friends!

Where we play

It’s a great bonding activity too. That’s what makes it so good for schools. Once the kids are back, we can come on down with our equipment and run a session. This could be as part of their P.E classes, or as general sports activity. Ask your local school about us, or reach out to Archery Attack and we’ll connect with them and take care of the rest.

So book a session now, and see how Archery Attack is great for kids at any time of the year; during the holidays or otherwise. We’re operating across Australia, and both indoor and outdoor. Get in before the holidays end, or book for the future. We’re great for kids parties and adult functions a like.

If you’d like to learn more about Archery Attack you can head to our website. Or check out Facebook and Instagram for more content and to see us in action.


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