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Summer is right around the corner (even if Melbourne hasn’t got the memo yet), and you’ll be looking for great summer activities. Archery Attack has you covered!

As the weather warms up and the sun comes out, that also means it’s time to get the guns out. Or in our case, the bows out!

Summer Activities

Summer means summer activities, and Archery Attack is great to play over the summer. Although it’s a game that gets you hot and sweaty, it’s awesome playing outdoors. It’s the same Archery Attack experience too. We provide our same great quality bows, arrows, and masks, as well as our inflatable bunkers. Plus the games are still the same, so it’s the fantastic Archery Attack experience; indoor or outdoor.

What’s great about summer sessions is you can play later games. As it stays bright longer and it gets cooler, we can play great games under twilight and also cater for groups that need to play at later times. Summer really is the perfect time to play Archery Attack. We’re great for kids and adults alike.
It’s the ultimate summer activity.

Find Your Local Archery Attack

Archery Attack is located across Australia as well as a location in the Philippines. You can find a team suited to your needs on our website here.

In Melbourne we have our state of the art arena, which has more than just Archery Attack. There’s also Blast Attack (Nerf guns) and Virtual Reality; which are both fantastic summer activities.

No matter where you are, we can make Archery Attack work for you. So book a session online now.
If you need more information, reach out to your local group by email or on our social media pages.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see some awesome Archery Attack videos and pictures.


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