Safe Archery – The Importance of Safety

Safety is an incredibly important part of the Archery Attack experience. No matter what location you’re playing at, nor whether it’s indoor or outdoor. You know that you and your group will be playing safe archery. It is essential to us as a brand that we guarantee a safe archery experience for all who come and participate in an Archery Attack session.

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Being Safe

Having mentioned the importance of safety, there are numerous ways we implement safety procedures. The key feature of Archery Attack of course is the equipment we use. The bows and arrows a specially designed for the games we play. They’re also made with safety as a top priority. In order for a safe experience, the equipment we use has to be high quality. The bows are made so that they’re the right weight for everyone to use. They also have a balanced draw power so that they can hit with a safe amount of force, without sacrificing distance and power. That’s what makes our bows so great. They hit the perfect balance.

Our bows are foam-tipped as well, so when they hit you’ll the know, but the sting is limited. We still want you to feel it a little bit!
These arrows can go quite a distance too. Power and safety combined for an awesome Archery Attack experience. We also require masks during our sessions. That way we can protect everyone’s face, while still allowing head shots!

Safe Archery Sessions 

We want anyone who is a part of a session at Archery Attack to feel like they’re completely safe and in capable hands. Our session hosts will be with you every step of the way. They’ll be teaching you how to use the bow, how to play the games, and coordinating the sessions so everyone knows what to do. We really aim to provide the best experience we can. From beginning to end.

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