Real Life FPS Experience – Archery Attack

Have you tried Archery Attack? A real life FPS experience!
It takes specially designed bows and arrows, and puts you against your friends in awesome games and challenges.

What is Archery Attack?

Archery Attack is an awesome experience like no other. As we stated before, it’s basically a real life FPS. Rather than paintball or laser tag, we play with bows and arrows. You and your group will get to shoot each other with a foam-tipped arrows. You’ll go head to head in a number of different games and challenges. It’s a completely new experience that combines shooting, action, and skill all into one.

Real Life FPS

What makes Archery Attack a real life FPS is that the games we play put our players head to head. Many of the games come out of your favourite FPS video games. For example, team death match is one of our most popular games. We usually open our Archery Attack sessions with a round or two of death match to get players into the swing of things. Another great example of an FPS game we play is capture the flag. That’s a real favourite among our sessions. It get’s our groups moving and really picks up the pace and excitement.

We also play some battle royale style games as well. Free-for-all and last man standing really go down well. Having no teams means you really need to be on your toes and at peak focus.

Book Now – Your Real Life FPS Experience

If you’re looking for an awesome and exciting experience, look no further than Archery Attack! It really is a real life FPS.

So jump online now and book yourself a session. We have locations across Australia, and even in the Philippines.

Check out Facebook and Instagram for more info, and to see Archery Attack in action!

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