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Archery Attack is a unique and fun experience that we love telling people about. We’re always looking for ways to describe our sessions. Previously we’ve used paintball archery. But another fantastic way would be: ‘Archery Dodgeball’!


Archery Dodgeball

Archery Attack is an awesome time where people get to come in and shoot arrows at each other. How great is that!
With our special foam-tipped arrows and our fantastic bows, you and your friends will love getting to run around, ducking and dodging incoming arrows, and shooting right back. Now doesn’t that sound familiar….?

Archery Dodgeball is a perfect way of describing what we do at Archery Attack. Instead of dodging balls, you’re dodging arrows. That makes dodgeball even better in our books! You’d be hard pressed to find a game at Archery Attack that doesn’t involving shooting people and avoiding getting hit. But our sessions aren’t just dodgeball. We play a large variety of games that get our groups having fun in a variety of ways.

Team death match would be the closest game we play that directly matches with dodgeball. But we have loads of others that build upon those rules and expand the game; upping the challenge and excitement.
These games include ‘Medic’, ‘Assassin’, ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘Traitors’ and more. Most of these games build on the basics of dodgeball and enhance them with different rules and elements. You’ll always be getting something new and exciting at Archery Attack!

Book a Session 

So if this sounds like a fantastic experience you want to try, then grab your mates and book a session now. We have franchises across Australia, including a state-of-the-art arena in Melbourne. We’re available for indoor and outdoor sessions, and we cater for all different kinds of groups. If you want to see more about Archery Attack, check out Facebook and Instagram.

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