Archery Attack Long Sessions – Change How You Play

Archery Attack has a standard session time of an hour and a half, but we also have our long sessions for those who want to go the extra distance.

Sometimes you just need more Archery Attack!

Archery Attack Long Sessions

At Archery Attack, we aim to cater our sessions to as many different styles of group as possible. Whether it be based around their age, style of group, capabilities, or group wants; we aim to provide the best possible experience suited to them. In some instances that means providing a longer playing time for our groups. A standard sessions, as stated before, goes for one and a half hours. Our longer sessions go from two and a half hours and upwards. We can recommend these longer sessions for a number of reasons. A great example of that is groups may just simply want more time playing Archery Attack. A two and a half hour session provides groups with the same 30 minute warm up learning how to shoot, but now the playing time available is two hours. This means more games and more variety.

Another reason groups might opt for a longer session is that it provides more opportunities for breaks. Our long sessions can be great for groups looking to take their time and enjoy a few more moments of rest and recovery.
Sometimes groups will also want to hire out Archery Attack for long events that aren’t necessarily structured in the same way our normal sessions are. We can cater for various different changes depending on what’s required. Archery Attack can work well as part of carnivals, events, and special family/community days.

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So whether you’re looking for a standard Archery Attack session, or a long session, book now. Head online and find your local Archery Attack.

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