Junior Masks – Archery Attack Melbourne

At Archery Attack Melbourne, we’re excited to show off our new junior masks!

Safety is incredibly important to us at Archery Attack. Our new junior masks really help to maintain our high safety standards.

Our New Junior Masks

Archery Attack Melbourne is always committed to providing our players the best possible experience. A major part of that is ensuring everyone feels safe. Archery Attack is an awesome game with lots of flying arrows, ducking and weaving. Because of this, masks are an essential part of the experience. Players, no matter their age, where a mask that protects them from those quick (but awesome) head shots. We especially want to look after our younger players. These new masks are a major part of that initiative.

Our new junior masks have great straps for both the chin and the back of the head. The back of the head strap allows for a tighter fit, and will suit kids of various ages and sizes. The chin strap provides greater stability and balance of the mask. This means less wobble when the mask is knocked, and the mask will sit securely on the children’s head while they’re running around and having a blast.

These masks will also be used in our Blast Attack sessions. That’s where we take the fun of Archery Attack, and throw it together with 30 round pump action Nerf Rival Blasters. It’s a unique and exciting take on the Archery Attack game.

Book Now

Come and try Archery Attack for yourself. Book a session for your kids to see those new junior masks in action. Archery Attack caters for kids as young as 7 and adults of all ages. We also have Blast Attack if you want to try something different. Blast Attack is great for kids as well.

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