Trial Night Two – May 2nd

We at Archery Attack are please to announce that May 2nd will now be our second trial night for league.

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Since our first trial night on April 18th, we’ve been really excited to plan a follow up and get people back in for our second trial night!

We want to give you all even more opportunity to experience what league is all about, as well as provide more time to get your teams together and register for league. We’ll be readjusting our league starting time of course, but May 2nd is great chance to come to the arena and see what league is all about. Our trial nights are fun, inclusive, and a great time for everyone who comes down and gets involved.

At our trial nights, we aim to give you as close to the real league experience as possible, without need for commitment. The aim for us is to demonstrate our exciting and entertaining our Archery Attack league nights can be. Plus you’ll see how action packed they are, and how great of a fitness opportunity they are as well. We get our teams moving and staying focused; ducking and weaving through the arrows flying left and right. Watch out for friendly fire!
League nights really encourage team work and strategy. You and your team will need to plan, coordinate, and execute to win the battle,

Our second trial night are only $10 per person, and starts at 7pm. So come on down to Archery Attack in Reservoir on May 2nd and see what league is all about!

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