Blast Attack – Something Different!

So many of you would have heard of our fantastic Archery Attack, but have you heard of Blast Attack?
It’s our awesome game that takes the fun of Archery Attack, and combines it with exciting Nerf blasters. This is really a great experience for all ages.

Great shot of our Nerf Blasters

Blast Attack

Although Archery Attack is our main game, we thought we’d offer our customers a different experience and variation on our standard sessions. Blast Attack is a quicker, and more intense take on our Archery Attack game. Sessions are only one hour, but move much faster than normal. That all starts with our Nerf blasters. These blasters hold 30 rounds each and are pump action. You can unleash all 30 rounds in about 45 seconds!

We strive to play similar games to Archery Attack, but with that Nerf twist. We place buckets around the field full of foam bullets so players can reload on the fly. We also play games that encourage quick kills and quick revives. We want our players to be in the action as much as possible, with as little stops as possible.

Who’s it for?

Blast attack is an experience for all ages. Kids and adults alike will love the ability to shoot each other with these Nerf blasters. Of course the game is a bit quicker than Archery Attack. This game is better suited for those who enjoy movement and running around. We recommend it to those who want an explosive game. But of course, you won’t know until you try it!

Book Now

Blast Attack is located at our arena in Melbourne, Australia. You can book a session online now at our website. Or you can call or email us for more information about what’s on offer.

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