Virtual Reality Melbourne is very close

Archery Attack is excited to inform our customers that Virtual Reality in Melbourne is kicking off very soon. We’re looking at a soft launch in November, before kicking off a full product launch in December.

Virtual Reality Melbourne

We’re really looking forward to launching virtual reality as a brand new service to at our arena. It’s part of a continual effort to expand our brand. We’re always looking to provide greater value to our customers.

The arena now has a V.R area, equipped with four V.R googles. There’s also TVs so spectators can watch the action. We’ll have loads of games for to play, so there’s fun for everyone. There’s zombie shooters, Beat Saber, and more!

Groups will be able to book sessions of an 30 minutes and up. We’re still working out some of the tweaks in promotion and operation. But we’ll be up and firing very soon. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us and we can’t wait.

Booking a Session

As we head closer to the end of the year, the opportunity to book will open up. We’ll be advertising and encouraging everyone to give it a go. Until then, if you happen to be in the arena for Archery Attack or Blast Attack, ask our staff about Virtual Reality. We’ll be happy to talk about what’s in store, and maybe you’ll get to have a sneak peak at Virtual Reality for yourself!

W’ll be posting and sharing more V.R content as we get closer to officially launching so keep an eye out for what’s to come. In the meantime, Archery Attack and Blast Attack are in full swing. So come on down for a session while you wait for an awesome new Virtual Reality experience from Archery Attack Melbourne.

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