League Trial Night @ Archery Attack

As announced previously, Archery Attack in Melbourne is bringing back League, which starts on the 2nd of May! We can’t wait to bring back the heat of competition to the archery arena, and we are excited to see teams go head to head once more.

League Nights are going to put teams up against each other in a variety of different archery games and challenges. We really think it’s a great opportunity for friends to get together in a unique and fun way. Getting to play a new team sport that isn’t just your typical game. These nights will be action-packed but social and enjoyable for all.

At Archery Attack, we understand that just saying it isn’t going to cut it. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Well we want to give the players the opportunity to try league for themselves!

On April 18th at the Reservoir Arena, we’ll be hosting this trial night, where players can see how fun and exciting League Nights are.

Beginning at 7pm, players can pay just $10 to get involved in our trial night. We’ll be running as close to league as possible. So bring your friends and get ready for a great night.

If you’re interested in league, or our trial nights, then email us at reservoir@archeryattack.com, or message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be happy to assist.

Want to join league? Well register here: League Registration

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