Archery Attack FAQ

Is there a question you have about Archery Attack, well then check out our FAQ.

Archery Attack is quite a unique experience, with loads of moving parts. We’ve developed an FAQ on our site that answers a ton of your questions. So it’s the perfect place to learn about Archery Attack.
Topics are structured around the event, location, playing the game and more. Really it’s your go to spot for any queries you have about our great game!

Archery Attack FAQ

Our FAQ is designed for all our franchises. So you’ll be able to jump into the FAQ knowing that our answers suit for all locations. Speaking of locations, that’s one of the questions asked about us. “What is your address?”
Well as we’re a global group, we have quite a few addresses. Archery Attack is mostly mobile though, and we play in a huge variety of locations. More often than not we’ll come to you.

Another great question in that FAQ is “Does it hurt?”. We’ve certainly been asked that question many times. No wonder we have it in our FAQ!
The answer there really sums it up nicely, it all depends where you get hit. That one especially goes for the guys. But Archery Attack certainly doesn’t have the same impact as paintball does. You’ll feel the hit, but it’s not going to leave any awful welts.

Those are just a few examples of the questions we have on our FAQ

Still Need Answers?

So if you’ve checked out our FAQ and you still have questions that you need answering, reach out and we’ll be happy to answer. You can contact us over the phone, via email, or through a social media pages. Contacting us on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to get a quick answer on whatever queries you have. That’s how to get your questions answered, and hopefully soon after you’ll be ready to give Archery Attack a go!

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