Team Building Activities – Archery Attack

Looking for new team building activities for your staff? Look no further than Archery Attack.

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Nathan leads a session through the ins and outs of Archery Attack. Perfect team building activities

Team building is an essential part of any successful business, and Archery Attack is perfect for fostering teamwork and synergy.

Team Building Activities – Arrow Tag

Our fantastic arrow tag sessions bring out the best in players when it comes to being part of a team. A majority of our games require working as a team, communicating, and strategic thinking to win. Games like ‘team death match’, ‘medic’, and ‘capture the flag’ require our teams to really work together to achieve victory. These skills of communication, planning, and execution are similar to what you’ll want from your workplace teams. But what better way to put those skills to the test in the great and fun experience of Archery Attack! Not many team building activities can hold up to what Archery Attack has to offer.

Furthermore, teams playing Archery Attack have the awesome opportunity to shoot each other with bows and arrows! Our specially designed foam-tipped arrows make shooting safe, yet still effective. We also have our players wear masks so our players will be well looked after when they shoot each other. The opportunity to shoot and have fun is always great for teams.

What else we offer

Archery Attack also has a few other team building activities to offer.
We have our range sessions if you’re looking for some target practice as a team, or we can provide Nerf sessions (Blast Attack).

Blast Attack involves using our awesome 30 round, pump-action Nerf Rival Blasters. These sessions are slightly different to our Archery Attack ones, but the same great experience is there. You’ll use the same team building skills as well.

We also have our great function area for post game feeds. Team building activities can be hard work. The function area works great for recovery, as well as relaxing and enjoying further time together as a team.

Book Now!

So if you’re looking for team building activities for your work place, Archery Attack has you covered. Book now, and check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more!

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