Nerf Rival Australia – Blast Attack!

Archery Attack offers so much more than our awesome arrow tag sessions now that we’ve got our new Nerf Rival blasters.

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We’ve got our exciting Blast Attack to bring an entirely new way of playing to our arena! Using Nerf Rival blasters, you and your friends will be having a fantastic time. Shooting each other and getting to use exciting Nerf weapons not normally available.

Nerf Rival Blasters

Archery Attack has gotten access to the super fun and exciting Nerf Rival blasters. These guns hold 30 rounds of foam bullets that get some awesome range. The blasters are pump-action, which means these rounds have a little kick to them. Nothing like paintball, but you’ll know when the bullets hit. The Nerf Rival blaster really are so much fun!

Blast Attack

Using these fantastic Nerf Rival blasters, we’re offering our awesome Blast Attack sessions! These combine the fun of Archery Attack with the great new Nerf Rival equipment. We use our arena space and bunkers, provide masks and keep the event safe and fun for all, as well as play a great variety of games. We’ve got our great standard games like ‘team death match’, ‘medic’ and ‘Capture the Flag’, as well as new games specifically for our Blast Attack sessions. These include great games like ‘Chase the Reaper’ and ‘Protect the V.I.P Time Trial’. ‘Chase the Reaper’ involves a changing landscape where you’re getting shot and revived at different points, meaning the playing field is constantly moving. ‘Protect the V.I.P Time Trial’ has one team with a dedicated V.I.P, with the attacking team going all out to get the V.I.P, while the defending team must protect them at all costs!
Those are just a few examples of the great games we play during our Blast Attack Sessions.

Book Now

Hope online and book now on our website and select ‘Rival Blasters’ as your session type. For information, and to keep up with what’s on at Archery Attack, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Get in for a session these school holidays!


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