Blast Attack

Did you know that at Archery Attack in Reservoir Melbourne, we can now do blast attack sessions!

With state-of-the-art Nerf foam blasters, we provide our guests with a really interesting and new experience.

The blasters hold 30 rounds each and shoot in a pump action style. So unlike Archery Attack, you’ll be firing far quick and needing to dodge even faster than ever before. The arena is set up in the perfect way for our Blast attack sessions, so there’s plenty of places to duck and hide or plan your next move. We play a bunch of different games that a different from the Archery Attack experience. They’re quicker sessions and we throw you right into the action. There’s no range or warm-up, just a lesson on how the blasters work. From there we get you into the arena and it’s guns blazing!

You’ll still have the same great customer service and outstanding experience you’d expect from all our other services provided by Archery Attack. You and your group will be provided with a host who will teach everything you need to know, and referee your games for the duration of your session. They’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re always taken of care of and having a great time.

Blast Attack is really great for the kids too. It’s only an hour session and the Nerf blasters are often easier to use than the bows, and the shorter sessions often keeps the kids focused and having more fun.

Our Blast Attack sessions start at $25 per person for an hour session, and $35 for two hours. So give us a call, or jump on social media or our website to book now!

By |April 20th, 2019|Melbourne|
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