Archery Attack – Game Types

Did you know that Archery Attack is more than just a simple arrow tag game, there are loads of different game types to chose from!

We have our standard team death match, which places two teams head to head. This is our most basic Archery Attack game style, and it’s what we start our sessions with. But once the players are settled in, that’s when we bring out all the other exciting game modes!

Our Archery Attack sessions can include a huge variety of game styles that varies from session to session. It also changes from group to group too. So let’s say your group comes in and wants a high intensity session; your host will chose games with that in mind. For high intensity sessions, we’ll use games such as capture the flag or infection in order to get players moving and being active.

However, for a group that wants a more relaxed experience, then we’ll change up the games accordingly. Now Archery Attack is always going to be a little intense, action-packed, and competitive. But for groups looking for an easier time, we’ll adjust accordingly. For these kinds of quieter and light sessions, we’ll play games such as jailbreak and four square. Games that focus more on shooting, and less on movement.

We aim to cater for all types of groups at Archery Attack. Whether you’re looking for all action and intensity, or a more relaxed and lighter session, then we have the game types to cater for you and your friends. No matter the age, skill level, or group makeup, you know you’ll be well looked after at Archery Attack. Most importantly, you and your group are going to have an amazing time, so book now!

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