Archery Attack Bows – The Right Bow for the Right Group

Archery Attack bows are specially-designed for functionality within our awesome arrow tag games. They’ve got great weight, meaning anyone can get into the action. Plus they’ve got fantastic draw power so you’ll get loads of distance no matter your strength.

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Different Archery Attack Bows are available so every one can play!

Archery Attack Bows

Our standard bows are used for almost all our sessions. They’re easy to use, and great for nearly all ages.

There’s also our fantastic junior bows for kids sessions. These Archery Attack bows are lighter and also don’t fire as far. Having a lower draw power means the kids can play safer. It also means the smaller kids won’t need as much strength to shoot and get involved.

Finally we have our snake bows, which are the smallest of our Archery Attack bows. These bows are extremely light and designed for the youngest of kids. At Archery Attack, we want everyone to be able to get in and have a go, no matter their age. Having bows of different sizes means that kids of all sizes and get into the action of Archery Attack.

Archery Attack Sessions

We break our Archery Attack sessions into different age groupings. Standard sessions are 13 years and older, and we use our normal bows. Junior sessions are best for kids under the age of 13. Some kids are able to use the regular bows, but junior sessions are best to get the most involved. We can also use our snake bows in those junior sessions.

The reason we have standard and junior sessions is so that we cater the right bows for the right age groups, and so that those playing feel safe and have a great time. That includes using the right bows so that everyone playing can shoot to their best ability, and everyone can feel safe while they play.

Get into the Fun!

Archery Attack is designed for nearly all ages to get into the action and have fun. So book a session now, or check out Facebook and Instagram for more!

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