School Holidays in Melbourne – Archery Attack!

July school holidays in Melbourne are upon us. That means it’s another two weeks of thinking up at activities to get the kids out of the house and having fun.

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Well look no further than Archery Attack!

With the perfect combination of action, fun, and exciting new skills, we’ll get your kids having a blast.

One of our great hosts running a junior session. A great example of what kids can get into these school holidays in Melbourne

Archery Attack

During the school holidays in Melbourne, there are loads of activities to chose from. However, none come close to the experience of Archery Attack.

We take state-of-the-art bows and arrows, and equip our players for battle in our awesome 40 player arena. Groups will be taught how to shoot, which is a great opportunity to learn a new skill.

Kids love the new experience of getting to use a bow and arrow and learn archery. Furthermore, they love how action-packed our sessions are. We get the kids running around and shooting each other in a variety of different games and challenges. Archery Attack really is an excellent activity for your kids these school holidays in Melbourne.

We play games that involve dodging, ducking, weaving, and diving. With also this movement, they’re sure to work up a sweat and warm up from the winter chill. Our groups also get to shoot their friends, participating in games such as ‘team death match’, ‘capture the flag’, and ‘treasure island’. There really is huge variety that the kids will love to play these school holidays in Melbourne

More Than Just Archery

Archery Attack also has more than just archery to offer. We’ve got Blast Attack and Virtual Reality as other great extensions of the Archery Attack name.

Blast Attack gets the kids using awesome Nerf blasters to change up the action. These quick-fire blasters hold 30 rounds each, which means more opportunity to shoot your friends. Of course safety is important, so just like Archery they’ll be equip with masks that protect the face.

Virtual Reality is a brand new experience that Archery Attack is providing. We have place groups into whole new worlds with our high tech V.R games. We have loads of games to chose from, and kids will be fully immersed in this crazy new way to play!

Your School Holiday in Melbourne Choice

So these school holidays in Melbourne, come on down to Archery Attack. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got it. From our awesome games and skills of Archery Attack, the action-packed excitement of Blast Attack, or the relaxed and immersive V.R, there’s something for everyone. So these school holidays in Melbourne, make sure to make Archery Attack your choice for fun!

Book a session now, and make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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