School Holiday Activities – Archery Attack

There’s still a week left of school holidays, so there’s still plenty of time to plan your school holiday activities.

Kids Archery Attack Session. An example of our school holiday activities

There’s no greater place for your kids this school holidays than Archery Attack. With our arrow tag and Nerf blaster games, there is something for everyone at Archery Attack.

 School Holiday Activities РArchery Attack & Blast Attack

At our great arena in Reservoir, Melbourne holds some fantastic school holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy. Archery Attack is our most popular game, and it involves bows, arrows, and our awesome playing arena. You and your group will be able to shoot each other with our state of the art bows and special foam tipped arrows. The arrows are perfectly safe, and we provide masks as well. That way you’ll be able to shoot each other, while still knowing it’s safe and fun.

Adding further to our selection, we have Blast Attack! This uses the awesome Nerf Rival blasters to provide a unique spin on the Archery Attack session. These pump action, thirty round blasters will have your kids going wild and having a ‘blast’ (See what we did there). Plus safety stays our top priority so as always we’ve got our masks to keep the fun going smooth.

No matter the choice, Archery Attack and Blast Attack are great school holiday activities.

Active Play

A great part of Archery Attack and Blast Attack is that it gets kids active and moving. School holiday activities are great when it keeps kids moving and doing some form of exercise and activity. Our arena is a huge open space with bunkers to hide and dive behind. The kids will love running around and shooting each other, whether it’s bows and arrows or Nerf Blasters.

Come On Down

So with only one week of school holidays left before term three, now is the perfect time to book an Archery Attack or Blast Attack. Jump on our website, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more!

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