Have a Bucks Party at Archery Attack

If you’re looking for a great bucks party, look no further than Archery Attack! We have the perfect experience for you and your bucks, and you’ll love every minute of an Archery Attack session.

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A great Archery Attack session. This could be your Bucks Party

Bucks Party Success

We know how important it is to put on the best bucks party possible. We also know that a major part of that is getting to give the buck a real serve! Archery Attack is perfect for that! You and your party will be loaded up with our awesome bows and custom foam-tipped arrows, and taken through a bunch of different games and challenges where you’ll get to go head to head. You’ll be dodging and diving, roaming the battlefield with and getting to shoot your mates. Most importantly though, we have the buck hunt, so you’ll be able to give it to the man of evening!

Archery Attack is a fantastic group experience that everyone will enjoy.  It’s a great day or night out, and suits all kinds of groups. No need to be sporty or the ‘fit’ type. Archery Attack works well for all. We cater to your groups needs and ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

A Great Party Experience

Archery Attack has many locations across Australia, and can be played indoors and outdoors. Summer is coming up, so it’s a perfect time to hit the outdoors and enjoy Archery Attack in the sun. You, your guests, and the buck himself will love what Archery Attack offers. So make it part of the bucks big day and see for yourself how great Archery Attack is. We guarantee you’ll all have a blast, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you have the best bucks party!

If you want to see footage of Archery Attack in action, or want to learn more, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.


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