Fitness Games – Archery Attack

If you’re looking for great fitness activities and fitness games for yourself, your friends, or even your gym, then book a session at Archery Attack! We’ll get you moving and active in a unique and exciting way!

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Fitness Games at Archery Attack

Now that winter is coming to a close and footy finals are upon us, people start thinking about getting into exercising and getting fit. Gotta get that summer body ready!
Well why not try something different by playing our awesome fitness games at Archery Attack.

Using awesome bows and foam-tipped arrows, we play a bunch of great games. Teams will get to shoot each other in a variety of different games that gets them running and being active. This includes games like team ‘death match’, and ‘capture the flag’. Capture the flag certainly gets everyone running around and really getting a sweat on. What makes Archery Attack such a great source for fitness games is that you can get moving and active, without having to hit the treadmill. Archery Attack will have you running around having a blast. You’ll be burning calories and blasting fat in such a great way!

Fit for All

Archery Attack is great for fitness because it’s inclusive and playing but nearly anyone. That includes age, skill level, size, whatever it may be. We aim to get as many people involved as possible, and remove as many barriers as we can. So when we play Archery Attack, you’ll know that the fitness games we play are designed to get everyone moving and having a great time.

So why not come down and try for yourself. Grab a few friends and head down to the arena. Or maybe get your gym together for an awesome, action-packed day of fun, exercise, and fitness games.

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