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Archery Attack Newcastle was mentioned in a ‘Best in Australia’ online article last week. We couldn’t be more happy to be featured in a ‘best of’ article.

The article in question (found here) features Archery Attack Newcastle as one of the best leisure activities in Newcastle. We certainly agree, and we greatly appreciate the recognition.


Who are we?

If you’re not familiar with Archery Attack. it’s an awesome game where you get to shoot arrows at each other! How great is that
We equip our players with special bows and put them head to head in a variety of games and challenges. We set up a playing field and fill it with inflatables bunkers for our players to duck and take cover behind too. So while the arrows are flying, you’ll have places to hide and strategise.

Archery Attack has a huge number of games that our groups can play. These include ‘team death match’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘medic’, and more. What’s great about Archery Attack is that it can be played indoors and outdoors. So no matter the location, we make it work!

Archery Attack Newcastle (Or Anywhere)

Archery Attack Newcastle is one of our many franchises across Australia and the globe. We’re glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves. So if you’re in the Newcastle area, check them out and book yourself a session.

But if you still want to give Archery Attack a go, then head to our website and find your local Archery Attack. All our franchises and locations have the same great experience and service that Archery Attack Newcastle is recognised for.

So book a session now, and check out Facebook and Instagram for great footage of Archery Attack in Action. Plus you can keep up to date with what’s on and happening at Archery Attack.


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