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Archery Attack has a huge variety of archery games that we play during our sessions. We like to keep the action going by switching things up.

Awesome view of our range before the archery games begin

Archery Games 

Archery Attack involves shooting each with bows and arrows. Either in our awesome arena in Melbourne, outdoor sessions, or various locations across Australia; you’ll get an amazing experience. Getting to shoot your friends and try something new is always fun. But we want to keep things interesting!

Archery Attack gets our group playing a number of different games and go from being super intense, to relaxed and mellow. We like to mix it up depending on the session. The more wilder groups might want to play games such as capture the flag, team death match and medic. These are examples of some of our more intense games. These will really get groups running and moving.

For quieter groups, games such as traitor, four square, jailbreak, and infection work really well. There’s still plenty of shooting, but the games move a little slower. It gives groups the opportunity to relax and take it easier, while still having a blast playing Archery Attack.

We aim to always cater according to the groups; keeping everyone having a great time and enjoying the Archery Attack experience.

More than just Archery Games

On top of our awesome games, we also offer more services. We have Nerf blasters we use as part of our Blast Attack sessions. With similar games to Archery Attack, we equip our groups with pump-action, 30 round blasters and have them go head to head.

We’re also excited to inform our customers that Virtual Reality is on its way. Stay tuned for news on a launch date!

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Archery Attack has loads of games to suit everyone. Book a session now and experience the awesome action of Archery Attack!
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