Archery Attack Winter Fun – Get Warm!

We know it’s getting cold across our great southern land, but that doesn’t stop us from running our Archery Attack sessions!

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No matter the weather, our arena is always bringing the heat. Our Archery Attack sessions are intense, action-packed, and always fun! We get you running and moving about. You and your group will be dodging arrows and picking the perfect spots to shoot back.

Archery Attack brings movement and fitness together with dexterity and the skill of archery. This combination brings out a fantastic activity for all ages to enjoy. We always leave you feeling great from the exercise and fitness, as well as getting the enjoyment of a brand new experience.

When you and your group come to the arena, you’ll be greeted to state of the art facilities and equipment. Archery Attack provides only the best. From our bows and arrows, to our function area, we provide the goods for your group. You’ll be having a fantastic time from the moment you step in to the arena.

Archery Attack kicks you off with an awesome range session. We’ll teach you how to use the bows, including shooting correctly and accurately. Our great hosts will also provide tips and tricks to help your group get the most of your session. From there we’ll take you into the arena to really get the heat going.

There’s a large variety of games in our awesome and fun sessions to get the action to the max! There’s ‘team death match’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘assassin’ and many more. These games are just a few examples of what we play. These games especially really bring the heat and intensity.

Archery Attack is the perfect way to warm up your winter. So book a session now. For more, check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

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