Safety When Playing Archery Attack

With the recent banning of laser tag excursions in Tasmania, and the discussion around safety, we at Archery Attack thought it would be appropriate for us to highlight how important safety is for us.

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Safety is Priority

Archery Attack prides itself on an inclusive and open environment. One where anyone can play and feel safe. No matter the age, at Archery Attack you’ll be completed looked after from start to finish.

A major part of that is the safety. Our arrows are foam-tipped, which means impact is soft. On top of that we have our masks, which are worn at all times during the arrow tag sessions. Even our targets are foam, so even our range lessons are incredibly safe.

Archery Attack has also looked after a large number of schools with Arrow Tag sessions. We’ve provided schools with quality sessions where the students and teachers have both had fantastic times. Our  school sessions were also run with safety as a top priority. From the safety of the equipment (as described above), to the Archery Attack staff, we always put safety first. The staff have working with children checks, and can also provide first aid if required. We have prepped our staff to run our sessions safely and and keeping it fun for all.

Archery Attack has had kids of all ages play in our arrow tag sessions, and we love that!  Kids have a great time when they’re with us playing arrow tag, but we know that we’re providing them with a safe time too. Parents and schools know that too.

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So if you’re thinking of bringing your kids down for a session, or you’re a school that wants us to come and organise some arrow tag, you can rest assure that Archery Attack is the safest in the business!

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