Archery Attack features on Channel 10’s The Bachelorette

If you’re an avid watcher of Channel 10’s The Bachelorette you would have recently seen the guys playing a medieval themed Archery Attack “group date” in an attempt to win over the beautiful maiden, Georgia Love. Using foam-tipped arrows and recurve bows, the suitors were put through their paces in various game, allowing them to showcase their medieval prowess without fear of causing damage.

Nick Gage, manager of Archery Attack Sydney said “It was a fantastic day of filming – the producers and support crew were amazing to work with. I couldn’t wait to see the finished product and when I finally did, I was extremely pleased”

“It’s been incredibly popular for a variety of events that includes birthday parties, social events, school gala days, work functions and, of course, bachelor and bachelorette parties, however, seeing it on TV was just surreal. It really goes to show that Arrow Tag as we call it is great fun for all ages and occasions.”

Arrow Tag is entirely mobile and it only requires an area about the size of a tennis court, which we transform into an archery battleground with our inflatable barriers. This means Archery Attack is able to bring this experience to your local park, oval or indoor venue.

Nick adds “I’d love for Archery Attack to become a household name so that we are able to offer a range of different events, such as regular team social competitions. Naturally, when I was offered the opportunity to showcase the sport on Channel 10, I leapt at the opportunity to raise the awareness and bring this vision closer to reality”.

Arrow Tag is proving to be a great alternative to traditional combat activities like paintball, and hurts a lot less! The only safety equipment required is a facemask, which is provided as part of the experience, and a key difference is that Arrow Tag is suitable for ages 10 and upwards.

Bookings can be made for groups of 10 or more. Inclusive in the bookings, Archery Attack will work with you to tailor the event to your needs, organise the administration at no extra cost, travel to the agreed location, set up the archery battleground, provide all the necessary equipment, give a brief to maximise the level of safety and that fun, and run the event for you.

With Arrow Tag increasing in popularity booking is essential so click the “locations & pricing” tab for more information. There are locations all across Australia as well as in the Philippines, UK, Ukraine and in New Zealand.

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